The Centre For Optimal Health
The Centre For Optimal Health is the home of the NUTRIWAY experience. A world-class teaching and training facility, the centre delivers an interactive and highly personalised focus on personal health. 

Covering 3,000 square metres across two floors, the centre also contains the Nutrilite Health Institute (NHI), a worldwide collaboration of scientists and health experts. The institute brings together the science of nutrition and the latest research into health and fitness to help more people achieve optimal health through education and practical, personalised advice. 

The activities of the Centre for Optimal Health are steered by our Scientific Advisory Board. Acting as a scientific resource for the NHI, the Board includes leading scientists from around the world, specialising in the field of genetics, nutrition, industry, medicine and research. The Board membership provides constructive scientific evaluation, advice and public opinions on specific health and nutrition-related topics identified by the NHI.