Organic Farms

Organic Sustainable Farms
Production of the best supplements starts at the source. Organic farms are the best natural source for plant concentrates rich in nutrients and minerals. This is why NUTRIWAY® became the only global manufacturer of vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements to run its own organic farms.

Our unique commitment to farming excellence means quality is managed at every stage from seed to tablet.

A Sustainable Farming System
Even before a seed is pressed into the earth, we ensure the soil is as healthy, rich and nutritious as possible. All our farms use sustainable agricultural practices and responsible farm management to protect the natural goodness of the soil and plants.

Bio-intensive farming techniques manage the complex relationships between plants, pests and their natural predators. This reduces crop damage while protecting soil health and plant nutrition. We use only natural sprays, approved and certified by the relevant bodies, in combination with other bio-intensive techniques. Absolutely no chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers are used.

Farming the Future
All NUTRIWAY organic farms are managed to be sustainable far into the future. We never push for higher yields with quick-fix farming techniques that gradually deteriorate the health of a farm. Instead, we sustain the delicate balance between farming and nature, with respect for the passage of time.

Organic, sustainable farming is not just about the quality and size of this year’s crop. It continuously lays the foundations for large and healthy crops generations from now. That way, our organic farms can continue to nurture and protect your health today as well as far into the future.