Nutriway History
Amway celebrates the 80th anniversary of the iconic Nutrilite® brand.

In 1934, Nutrilite became the very first multivitamin/multimineral supplement to be marketed in the United States. Eight decades later, Nutrilite is the world’s best selling brand of vitamins and dietary supplements1.

Working in China in the 1920s, nutritionist Carl Rehnborg observed the close link between malnutrition and disease, prompting him to create the first multivitamin on his return to North America. Over the past 80 years, Nutrilite has continued to uphold Carl’s commitment, his values and his personal mission to help everyone achieve good nutrition.

Every great organisation has its fair share of legends and one of these for Nutrilite is the famous "Pepper Tree Talks." These began when a group of senior distributors visited Hemet, California to see Carl and found him taking a break beneath a pepper tree on the company farm. Under the shade of the leaves, Carl and the distributors talked for hours. This spontaneous, natural connection planted the seed for many such talks under the pepper tree, where Carl would share his ideas and vision with distributors and employees.

This tradition continues today and although not as often under the canopy of a pepper tree, the trunk, branches and leaves have become a symbol that represents sharing knowledge, building trust and growing relationships—just as IBOs still do today.

For 80 years, the legacy of Carl and his visionary 'Pepper Tree Talks' have guided Nutrilite in the creation of products derived from the goodness of nature. In recognition of this wonderful milestone, a commemorative anniversary logo has been designed to combine the iconic Nutrilite brand leaf with a stylised Pepper Tree.

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